The purchase requisition process is one of the acceptable methods for the procurement of goods and services. Please ensure that prior to creating a purchase requisition, the supplier has started the new Supplier/Vendor Setup process and is aware they will need to accept the CSU General Provisions and Insurance Requirements.  An insurance certificate (along with an endorsement) is required before a purchase order will be issued for all activities/services taking place on campus. Do not advise suppliers to proceed until they have received a fully executed Purchase Order. For more information please reference the CSU Contracts and Procurement Policy.

Any work performed by the contractor before the date of approval can be considered as having been done at the contractor's own risk and as volunteer work. For more information please reference the CSU Contracts and Procurement Policy.

Creating a Requisition

A requisition is required to be created prior to goods/services being delivered
To create and submit a requisition, you will need approval and access to Oracle. 
In order to request Oracle access you will be required to submit the Oracle Access request form via AdobeSign. Mandatory training will be required prior to creating your first requisition.

For more information on how to access an Adobe Sign workflow refer to How to Access Adobe Sign Workflows (PDF).
For information on how to create a Requisition please refer to the How to Create a Requisition Guide (PDF).


All procurements must be in compliance with CSU Contracts and Procurement Policy. An  After-the-Fact Form (PDF) must be completed when:

  • Services are ordered and there is no signed Agreement in place
  • Services are ordered or received and there is no funding in place

The Procure-to-Pay (P2P) team uses the After-the-Fact Form (PDF) to document a procurement activity that occurred outside of policy. The After-the-Fact procurement must still comply with CSU Contract and Procurement policy or is at risk of non-payment. Please note this is subject to audit and compliance.

Pro Tip: Signatures needed on the After-the-Fact Form (PDF) are determined by the dollar value associated with the FAH signature authority level