Service Learning Agreements (SLA)

About Service Learning

Service Learning provides students with experiences to strengthen resumes and/or graduate school applications, career exploration opportunities, and professional networking. It is a process of learning by doing that helps students deepen their understanding of course material. Students participate in on-campus and off-campus activities and experiences with a campus/community partner, which may include businesses, non-profits, or governmental agencies. Service Learning Agreements (SLAs) are not just for service learning courses and projects, they apply to any time a student visit an on-campus or off-campus location as part of an SDSU sanctioned course or project so that the university can ensure that students are covered by the appropriate insurance.. All SDSU faculty and employees who develop and/or manage experiential learning opportunities for SDSU students must follow the SLA process outlined below to ensure compliance with CSU system-wide risk management guidelines and policies. Please note SLA term is for a period of five years.

Service Learning Agreement Process

This process is managed and initiated by the SDSU college or department representative. All forms and agreements required during this process shall be submitted using Adobe SIgn. For more information, please see the How to Access Adobe Sign Workflows (PDF).

 For the SAFECLIP or SPLIP insurance to cover the students, a fully signed agreement must be in place; please ensure that an agreement is executed prior to the start of the service learning experience.

  1. The SDSU college representative reviews the Service Learning Agreement (SLA) Master List (Download) for existing SLA opportunities. If there is already an executed SLA on file with SDSU, the SDSU college representative sends an email to [email protected] to determine whether or not the existing SLA requires an amendment.
  2. If the community or campus partner does not have an executed SLA on file with SDSU,  then the SDSU college representative completes the Internship Site Questionnaire (ISQ) with the community/campus partner using the ISQ Adobe SIgn workflow to assess the educational appropriateness of the partner site as a placement for SDSU students. The ISQ form is used for all placements, not just for internships. 
  3. Once the ISQ is completed, the SDSU college representative reviews the Internship Site Questionnaire (ISQ) to evaluate the quality of the educational experience. (note: please keep a copy of the ISQ on file in case of audit).
  4. The SDSU college representative completes the SLA with the community /campus partner by using the SLA Adobe SIgn workflow to route the SLA to the intership site (Service Learning Agreement (SLA) (PDF)).  Approvals required to fully execute an SLA agreement include: the initiator (SDSU college representative), the community/campus partner representative, Department Chair or Director, and the College Associate Dean (or equivalent).
    1.  Pro Tip: If HIPPA is applicable, a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) (PDF) is needed in addition to the SLA.
    2.  If the Learning Activity Site wants to modify the existing SLA agreement template, send an email to [email protected] to assist in the partner negotiations.
  5. The Procure-to-Pay (P2P) team review, sign the SLA, and process the agreement.  

 Students may not begin their internship until this agreement is fully executed and on file with the SDSU Procure-to-Pay (P2P) team.

Service Learning Agreement Master List

The attached Master List of existing Service Learning Agreements continually changes and is provided for information only.


  • Internship Site Questionnaire (maintained by department)  — used by the campus department(s) to assess the educational experience and potential risk associated with having students complete service learning/ internships with the Learning Activity Site. Please note that SDSU requires this form to be reviewed annually for all approved Learning Activity Sites.
  • Service Learning Agreement (SLA) (PDF) -used to establish an agreement with a Learning Activity Site located within the U.S., for academic credit
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA) (PDF) - used to ensure safeguard, protection, and reporting as required for Protected Health Information and other controlled data.