Travel FAQ

Travel (Employee, Student, and Candidate) FAQ

T1/T2 can be found in Adobe Sign. For more information please see the How to access and Submit the T1/T2 Form

A Cash Advance can be requested on the T1/T2 form

Charges or lost refunds will not be reimbursed unless the traveler can show that such failure was the result of circumstances beyond the traveler’s control 

Receipts are not required for domestic travel less than 30 days, as the daily maximum amount is under $75, although reimbursements are based on actuals

An exception form will need completed if there is change or a cancellation on a trip booked. 

If a trip is changed or cancelled, resulting in additional fees, those fees would still need to be added to an expense report and approved if they need to be reimbursed.  Please note FAH approval would still be required. For more information contact P2P Campus Care.

Concur FAQ

In person training is available for groups of 10 or more. Please complete the request form: Concur Travel and Expense - Additional Department Training

Aztec Travel cards can be picked up during the Open Labs which occur every Friday from April 5, 2024- Friday, June 28, 2024. Please bring your Red ID and your CTC.

An ATC is not required to utilize Concur.

Yes, Open Lab sessions are on Fridays, from 10 a.m .to 11 a.m. via Zoom.
Here is the Zoom link:

If it is your first time logging into Concur, be sure to view the training video for help in setting up your profile.

You can obtain real-time information about where your submission is in Concur. For requests, choose the “Request” tab and review the status of each request listed. For expense reports, choose the “Expense” tab and you will see the status noted on the expense reports tile.

Travelers have 30 days after the travel end date to submit an expense report.

Yes, a delegate can create requests and expense reports on a traveler's behalf. The delegate can create the reports, but the traveler must submit the request or expense report. Please visit for more information on how to act as a delegate.

You can access Enterprise via Concur, enter payment method (ATC or personal credit card), and reserve the car. The receipt will be generated once payment is completed.

Yes, this would be considered a day trip. The traveler would indicate the same day as their travel start and end dates. A comment box will be available to describe the number of hours or details about the trip purpose if needed. 

Cash advance requests are to be requested for special exceptions. Please send an email to [email protected] and they will be able to determine if your request is eligible for cash advance access.

Step One:

  • Contact [email protected] to request access to this function. Once approved, a Travel request is created in Concur. A cash advance request can now be added by the traveler.
  • Once approved, the Cash Advance request will be disbursed to the traveler 30 days before travel.

Step Two:

  • Traveler is required to create an expense report within 30 days of travel end date.
  • If any portion of the cash advance was not utilized during travel, it must be returned to the University. The traveler submits a check payable to the University and a completed Abatement Form directly to the Bursar's office.
  • Once a receipt is received from the Bursar's office, the traveler uploads the receipt to the line item in Concur. The expense report, among other expensed items, is submitted to AP and the cash advance is reconciled.