Employee Reimbursements

Direct Payment Requests

An employee can be reimbursed up to $500 for authorized purchases made on behalf of the University using the Direct Payment Request Form (PDF).  Approval of the reimbursement must follow the departmental FAH delegation of authority.  Be sure to attach original itemized receipts for all such purchases to the Direct Payment Request Form (PDF).  Items purchased on behalf of and for the University will remain the property of the University.

Step 1:

The employee will submit the employee reimbursement using the Direct Payment Request Form (PDF) through AdobeSign or email ([email protected])

Any exceptions to the policy requirements must be documented on an Accounts Payable Exception Request (PDF)
Step 2:

The Procure-to-Pay team will process the Direct Payment Request Form (PDF).

Step 3:

The employee will receive a check or electronic payment (if the supplier has signed up for direct deposit) once the Direct Payment Request Form (PDF) is approved by the supervisor,  Fiscal Authorization Hierarchy (FAH), and processed by the Procure-to-Pay team.

Pro Tip: To enroll in direct deposit, please complete and submit the Direct Deposit Authorization form via Adobe Sign. Please note this is not the same Direct Deposit as HR payroll. For more information on how to access and submit a form through an Adobe Sign Workflow please refer to the How to Access Adobe Sign Workflows (PDF)


In certain instances, an advance can be requested, by using the correct expense type on the Direct Payment Request Form (PDF). Advances must be reconciled by providing receipts and other appropriate support within two weeks of the return of travel or in the case of an advance for supplies within two weeks of when you receive the funds. Any unused funds must be returned to the University when the reconciliation is complete.

 Please note a Payment Data Record form is required for SDSU Research Foundation and Associated Students employees.