Instructionally Related Activities (IRA)

The Instructionally Related Activities Fee provides for student experiences and activities that are external to the classroom, enriching student life and learning and are considered to be essential to a quality educational program and an important instructional experience for enrolled students.  The fee also provides funding and support for the intercollegiate athletics program and the academic success centers to address graduation and achievement gaps.  

Each spring semester, Academic Affairs receives an allocation of IRA funds, as approved by the President. Academic Affairs administers their academic program allocation and will provide funding to each college for specific IRA Programs. IRA funds can be used once the allocated budgets are posted. For more information on how funds are allocated please visit the Instructionally Related Activities website. Please note all expenditure activity must be processed within the annually published year-end guidelines. Below are the types of expenditures that are and are not permitted when using IRA funds, per the IRA Policy.

Types of expenditures are NOT permitted

  • Entertainment, including food, gifts, awards, incentives, hospitality table, and clothing (unless used as a team identifier)
  • No fundraising is permitted
  • Department recruitment costs when a candidate is asked to give a lecture
  • Direct costs to the educational program that should be paid by instructional funds
  • Expenses directly related to offering a course
  • Equipment
  • Per diem costs for Program Advisor travel
  • No SDSU faculty, staff, or students are permitted to be paid as guest/special lecturers or otherwise using IRA funds, with the exception of student travel reimbursement
  • Grant in Aid of any kind, i.e. Scholarships, Grants, Study Abroad, or Stipends

Types of expenditures are permitted

  • Supplies
  • Services
  • Communication and Printing
  • Travel, including food, lodging, and mileage.
  • Guest/Special Lectures

Payment Methods

Due to the unique nature of IRA and the high degree of student involvement, it is recognized that the normal processes of requisitioning in advance may not always be viable. Therefore, several options are available to purchase the items needed for IRA projects, including the use of Purchase Orders, Procurement Credit Card, Corporate Travel Credit Cards, Advances, Direct Payment Requests, and Reimbursements.


Disbursements are processed through the Procure-to-Pay Department via their routine cycles. Payment terms for suppliers are net 30. Payments to individuals may be disbursed via electronic funds transfer. 
The Direct Deposit Authorization Form on the Procure-to-Pay website may be used for both employee and student reimbursement and may be submitted along with the invoice or DPR.