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Travel (Employee, Student, and Candidate) FAQ

T1/T2 can be found in Adobe Sign. For more information please see the How to access and Submit the T1/T2 Form

A Cash Advance can be requested on the T1/T2 form

Charges or lost refunds will not be reimbursed unless the traveler can show that such failure was the result of circumstances beyond the traveler’s control 

Receipts are not required for domestic travel less than 30 days, as the daily maximum amount is under $75, although reimbursements are based on actuals

An exception form will need completed if there is change or a cancellation on a trip booked. 

If a trip is changed or cancelled, resulting in additional fees, those fees would still need to be added to an expense report and approved if they need to be reimbursed.  Please note FAH approval would still be required. For more information contact P2P Campus Care.

Procurement Credit Card (PCC) and Aztec Travel Card (ATC)

Reporting Lost or Stolen Credit Cards - The following steps must be taken immediately.

  • Cardholder contacts US Bank Customer Service at 800-344-5696.
  • The cardholder immediately notifies Accounts Payable by phone at 619-594-2915, with a follow-up email to [email protected].
  • Accounts Payable contacts the bank to obtain a replacement card. US Bank will mail replacement card to Accounts Payable within 5-10 business days of notification
  • Accounts Payable will notify the Cardholder when a replacement card is available

To replace a credit card that is worn out or defective, Accounts Payable should be notified via email at [email protected] by the Cardholder. The worn/defective credit card must be hand-carried to Procure-to-Pay AD-116. DO NOT FOLD, SPINDLE, OR MUTILATE CREDIT CARDS. The bank will issue a new card within 5-10 business days after receipt of the email. Accounts Payable will notify the Cardholder when a replacement card is available.

To dispute a charge contact the US Bank Customer Service at 800-344-5696. 

The cardholder will contact the supplier to obtain a duplicate itemized receipt/invoice. 

The cardholder will require the supplier to itemize the receipt/invoice or packing slip with detailed information for the commodity(ties) purchased.  If the receipt/invoice is not itemized, then the Cardholder must write the required information for each line item. 

To enroll in direct deposit, please complete and submit the Direct Deposit Authorization form via Adobe Sign. Please note this is not the same Direct Deposit as HR payroll. For more information on how to access and submit a form through an Adobe Sign Workflow please refer to the How to Access an Adobe Sign workflow guide. 

For more information please refer to the SDSU Credit Card Programs Maintenance Procedure or contact the Procure-to-Pay team for assistance. 

Concur FAQ

In person training is available for groups of 10 or more. Please complete the request form: Concur Travel and Expense - Additional Department Training

Aztec Travel cards can be picked up during the Open Labs which occur every Friday from April 5, 2024- Friday, June 28, 2024. Please bring your Red ID and your CTC.

An ATC is not required to utilize Concur.

Yes, Open Lab sessions are on Fridays, from 10 a.m .to 11 a.m. via Zoom.
Here is the Zoom link:

If it is your first time logging into Concur, be sure to view the training video for help in setting up your profile.

You can obtain real-time information about where your submission is in Concur. For requests, choose the “Request” tab and review the status of each request listed. For expense reports, choose the “Expense” tab and you will see the status noted on the expense reports tile.

Travelers have 30 days after the travel end date to submit an expense report.

Yes, a delegate can create requests and expense reports on a traveler's behalf. The delegate can create the reports, but the traveler must submit the request or expense report. Please visit for more information on how to act as a delegate.

You can access Enterprise via Concur, enter payment method (ATC or personal credit card), and reserve the car. The receipt will be generated once payment is completed.

Yes, this would be considered a day trip. The traveler would indicate the same day as their travel start and end dates. A comment box will be available to describe the number of hours or details about the trip purpose if needed. 

Cash advance requests are to be requested for special exceptions. Please send an email to [email protected] and they will be able to determine if your request is eligible for cash advance access.

Step One:

  • Contact [email protected] to request access to this function. Once approved, a Travel request is created in Concur. A cash advance request can now be added by the traveler.
  • Once approved, the Cash Advance request will be disbursed to the traveler 30 days before travel.

Step Two:

  • Traveler is required to create an expense report within 30 days of travel end date.
  • If any portion of the cash advance was not utilized during travel, it must be returned to the University. The traveler submits a check payable to the University and a completed Abatement Form directly to the Bursar's office.
  • Once a receipt is received from the Bursar's office, the traveler uploads the receipt to the line item in Concur. The expense report, among other expensed items, is submitted to AP and the cash advance is reconciled.

Employee Reimbursement

A Purchase Order is one of the two options for submitting an Employee Reimbursement, used for purchases over $500.00; the other option is using the Direct Payment Request Form.

Please check the final recipient email address that was used for your AdobeSign submission.  If it was sent to the SDSU Invoice Ingestion email ([email protected]) please change the final recipient to the SDSU Procure-to-Pay (P2P) team ([email protected]) for signature/receipt. 

The SDSU Invoice Ingestion email is unmanned and for submission of invoices (one invoice per email) for processing.


To find more resources for suppliers/vendors interested in doing business with California State Universities please visit the CSU Vendor Resources page

  • There is a California State Tax applied when services are performed in California.
  • California nonresidents may be subject to CA tax withholding of 7%.
  • All payments are 1099 tax reportable and there is no distinction between honorarium/service fee and travel reimbursement for a Domestic Guest/Special lecturer.
  • This is a Federal Tax applied when services are performed in the United States.
  • Non-US residents may be subject to a federal tax withholding of 30% and/or a CA nonresident withholding tax of 7%.
  • All international payment requests are routed for a tax analysis to determine the proper amount of taxes to withhold, if any. For tax purposes, there is a distinction between honorarium/service fee and travel reimbursement for a Foreign Guest/Special lecturer.
  • When SDSU does business with an Individual or Business Entity (for goods/services).  
  • When there is an update or change of individual or business entity information (change of name, new address, entity status, etc…) a new SDSU Supplier Information Form is required.
The Supplier Information form can be requested by emailing the Procure-to-Pay team. Once the request is submitted, a form will be sent via AdobeSign. 

Wire Transfer (Domestic and Foreign)

SDSU Procure-to-Pay team can issue payment as either a Domestic Wire Transfer (used within the continental United States) or by International Wire Transfer (used outside the continental United States).  These means of payment do have a separate processing fee that is charged to the department wanting to issue.  

Yes, you will need to contact the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) team to inform them of the situation. The Campus Partner will then work with the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) team to submit appropriate documentation (Wire Transfer Form) for processing.

The department that is requesting this payment option will be responsible for the processing fee. 

This fee can not be waived.

This process can take up to three (3) business days to be completed, scheduled payment batch schedule.  Once successfully processed an email is sent to all recipients confirming payment has been made. 

Email the Procure-to-Pay team inquiring about this status.


All SDSU faculty & staff have access to CSU Buy. To log into CSU Buy please visit this URL

CSUBuy Marketplace is the California State University's one-stop-shop for ordering goods and services.* Here you will find a collection of supplier catalogs, customized with CSU contracted pricing, for many of the items you commonly use. San Diego State University strongly encourages all departments to purchase through this system.
*Notice: All employees have access to shop in CSUBuy, but only Procurement Credit Card (PCC) holders have requester access to make purchases and complete orders.

For more information, please visit:

Requirements for Using CSUBuy

1) Sign in with your SDSU ID. There's also an extra security step where you use an app called DUO to prove it's really you.

2) Email [email protected] to notify them of your new account. It typically takes 1 to 2 business days for your account to be authorized. If you are a Requester and it is your first time logging into CSUBuy, you must sign in and sign out once as well as send an email to [email protected] to request that your access level be updated to a "Requester" access. It typically takes 1 to 2 business days for your account to be updated.

To start using CSUBUY, sign in with your SDSUID. There's also an extra security step where you use an app called DUO to prove it's really you.

You must be a PCC cardholder and have a requester account to complete an order and send it to the supplier. If you need this access, please discuss with your supervisor to obtain a PCC. Learn more at the PCC web page here. Once you have completed the PCC process, email [email protected] to finalize the CSUBuy process.

For more information on the PCC process, visit the PCC page in the Payment Methods section.

Shopping through the CSUBUY Marketplace allows the university to streamline the purchasing process and get goods and services to you sooner. Additionally, it reduces costs by facilitating bulk purchases and it leverages system-wide contracts that have already undergone negotiation.

Please see this CSUBuy Amazon Help Video to learn more about how to share your Amazon shopping list with your department's Requester.

Please see this CSUBuy Cart Assignment Video to learn more on how to assign your cart to your department Requester.


For information on how to create a Requisition please refer to the How to Create a Requisition Guide

Send Purchase Order Requisition inquiries to the Procure-to-Pay team at [email protected].  

Service Learning Agreements (SLA)

The SDSU college representative will review the Service Learning Agreement (SLA) Master List for existing SLA opportunities.

Interdisciplinary Related Academic (IRA) and Student Success Fee (SSF)

For all general inquiries or questions, please email [email protected]

For more information please visit the IRA website