Aztec Travel Card (ATC)

The Aztec Travel Card was created in conjunction with the implementation of Concur. The Aztec Travel Card program provides a convenient and dependable means of covering travel expenses. It eliminates the necessity for individuals to use their funds for travel expenses and then seek reimbursement. The Aztec Travel Card (ATC) is designed for University-related costs, such as transportation, accommodations, conference registration fees, and incidentals. Its purpose is to offer travelers a practical payment method for making travel arrangements while minimizing their expenditures on behalf of the University.

All CTC cardholders will be required to trade in their Corporate Travel Card (CTC) for the new Aztec Travel Card (ATC) by June 28, 2024.

Replacing CTC with an Aztec Travel Card

If you have a current CTC, you MUST exchange that for a new Aztec Travel card to use Concur. Campus Partners will be able to exchange their old CTC card for a new Aztec Travel card every Friday starting on April 5th from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m at the Administration Building (AD-116). Please ensure to bring your Red ID. All existing CTC cards will be shut off June 30th.

Make sure you reconcile all CTC expenses before replacing your CTC.

How to obtain an Aztec Travel Card (ATC)?

  1. Campus Partner will complete the P2P Credit Card Request for Participation form through Adobe Sign workflow. For more information on how to access an AdobeSign workflow, please visit this How to Access Adobe Sign Workflows (PDF)
  2. The Procure-to-Pay team will process the form and request the ATC from US Bank.
  3. The Procure-to-Pay team will reach out to the Campus Partner to schedule an orientation.
  4. Campus Partner will be notified once ATC is ready for pick up and the acknowledgment form will be signed once the credit card has been picked up.

Prohibited Uses of the Aztec Travel Card (ATC)

The ATC may not be used for the following expenses:

  • Cash Advances
  • Goods and services that are intended to be on the Procurement Credit Card (PCC)
  • Meals related to business travel
  • Personal Purchases