Procurement Credit Card (PCC)

San Diego State University uses the Procurement Credit Card (PCC) to reduce the traditional paper and labor-intensive procurement process for small dollar purchases. With the ease of a widely accepted VISA card, employees may make small dollar purchases of approved goods and services.

The PCC should be the primary means to obtain approved supplies and services. Cardholders are encouraged to use the PCC for low-value purchases to achieve cost savings and to improve processing time. For more information please refer to the Non-PO Procure to Pay Policy (PDF).

Gas Only PCC

The Gas Only Procurement Credit Card (Gas PCC) is issued and assigned to a University Department (not an individual). The University Department will assign a department coordinator who will perform the following:

  1. Log the Gas PCC in/out when used for their Department University Owned Vehicles, collect the Gas PCC and gas receipt, and log the transactions.
  2. Reconcile the transactions in Oracle iExpense by creating an Expense Report as described below.

How to obtain a PCC?

  1. To request a Procurement Credit Card (PCC) or a Gas Only PCC, the cardholder or supervisoe must complete the P2P Credit Card Request for Participation Form through AdobeSign Workflow.

    If you are a new employee please make sure to submit an IT ServiceNow ticket to have AdobeSign activated.

  2. Once the Request For Participation form is completed and properly approved, the Procure-to-Pay team will process the form and request the PCC from US Bank.
  3. The Procure-to-Pay team will reach out to the Campus Partner to get orientation scheduled.
  4. The Campus Partner will be notified once the PCC is ready for pick up and the acknowledgment form will be signed once the credit card has been picked up.
  5. Using the PCC must be done in accordance with the SDSU Credit Card Programs Maintenance Procedures (PDF).

Obtaining Goods and/or Services

Authorized Cardholders may go to the place of business or order by phone/fax, online, or by mail for procuring commodities/services.  Cardholders must inform the supplier not to charge until all orders have been shipped.  

  • Commodity orders that have to be shipped must be sent to the following SHIP TO ADDRESS:

    Receiving Dept PCC
    San Diego State University
    Attn (Fill in Name, Building, Room)
    5555 Canyon Crest Dr.
    San Diego, CA 92182

The Cardholder will require the supplier to itemize the receipt/invoice or packing slip with detailed information for the commodity(ties) purchased.  If the receipt/invoice is not itemized, then the Cardholder must write the required information for each line item.

Reconcile Transactions in Oracle iExpense

As purchases are made with the PCC, the charges will be populated in Oracle iExpense.  

  • Within 30 days of the posting date of the transaction, the cardholder or department coordinator is required to code the charges in their Oracle iExpense by creating an Expense Report.    
  • The Cardholder will review transactions for accuracy and attach corresponding itemized receipts/invoices (as well as Credit/Returns/Refunds if applicable) as listed in the Expense Report for audit.
  • The expense report will be audited by the P2P team once it has been reviewed and approved by the Cardholders FAH approver.

Requesting Changes to PCC Credit Limits

When a cardholder originally enrolls in a credit card program an initial monthly and per transaction credit limit is established. Credit limit permanently or temporarily, if needed for valid business purchases and with proper approval.

Permanent Credit Limit Changes: when a cardholder needs a permanent change to their monthly or per transaction credit limit, a new P2P Credit Card Request for Participation form with all required approvals is required to be submitted to the Procure-to-Pay team.

Temporary Credit Limit Changes: when a cardholder needs a temporary change to their monthly or per transaction credit limit the cardholder will need to contact US Bank Customer Service at 1-800- 344-5696 to identify their current available monthly credit limit and also their current per transaction limit and then complete the P2P Credit Card Change Request form in AdobeSign workflow, indicating the MCC.

Personal purchases with the PCC will require repayment to the University and may result in the suspension or cancellation of the PCC.